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Unbelievable    New research in a scientific Japanese Medical Study showed that including Raspberry Ketones in a subject's diet had a strong thermogenic fat burning effect on fat cells found near the skin!

Natural    Raspberry Ketones are the natural phenolic aroma found in real raspberries that give raspberries their sweet fruity aroma!

BUT   you can't just eat raspberries, because to get the same amount of Raspberry Ketones found in just 1 teaspoon of our 98.67% Pure Raspberry Ketone Extract, you'd have to eat... 100kg! of raw raspberries.

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Just take 1/4 of a teaspoon (500mg) with a glass of juice or water, twice daily before you eat.

Losing weight is all about "Calories in Vs. Calories out", Raspberry Ketones have been scientifically shown to accelerate the metabolism.

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Buy Raspberry Ketones Australian Owned


Who am I? You are purchasing from a Biomedical Undergraduate at the University of Melbourne, majoring in Pharmacology and learning the effects that compounds, like Raspberry Ketones, have on our bodies.
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